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Fannin Fannon Fanning Genealogy

of Bryan Fannin Sr (b 1695)



This site centers around the descendants of Bryan Fannin Sr. (b 1695). We invite you to look at the individuals that are on The Early Ones tree. If you have a Fanin Fannon Fanning ancestor on this tree, you are invited to become a part of this site. We will be glad to setup the software and the database were you can be the administrator of your Fanin Fannon Fanning tree. 


If you are interested please email us.


The present trees that are available on this site are:

The Early Ones - four generations of Bryan Fannin Sr. (b 1695)

 The Fannons of Bryant Fannon (b 1790) and Abigail Muncy. Most of these Fannons lived in SW Virginia around the Stickleyville / Blackwater area.

You are also invited to register on the Bulletin Board so that you might place questions on it but also answer other peoples questions.





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